Julie Green Ministries Net Worth – Bio, Career And Income in 2024

As the revered founder of her own YouTube channel, Julie’s teachings echo as a symphony of solace and guidance for countless souls traversing their spiritual paths. 

Julie Green Ministries net worth swirling in the air like mystic incense, one is drawn into the enigmatic tapestry that weaves together her ageless wisdom, steadfast husband by her side, and the trajectory that led her to become an icon in the realm of spiritual leadership.

In this exclusive exploration behind the veil of fame and reverence lies a kaleidoscope of layers that define her humble beginnings to meteoric rise within spiritual circles worldwide.

She is an American religious teacher and prophet of God in the Christian community, with her teachings first established in 2008. 

Her presence on social media has garnered significant attention, as she shares inspirational messages of faith and prosperity that resonate with a wide audience seeking spiritual guidance and enlightenment. 

Through her teachings, she offers a beacon of hope and positivity to those who are looking to deepen their connection with God and find meaning in their lives.

Julie Green Profile Summary

Real NameJulie Green Ministries
Net Worth$10 million
Julie green age63 years
Height6 feet (182.88 cm)
Weight61kg (134.482 lbs)
Date of birth22 September 1961
Birth PlaceTexas, USA.
Professionphilosopher, Social Media Influencer
skin colorWhite
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBlue
Zodiac signVirgo
Marital statusMarried
Birthday22 September
Father’s nameNA
Mother’s nameNA
HusbandTrent Green
Children3 (Two Boys, One daughter)
Number of cars1

She was born in Texas, USA, in 1961, she was known for her innocence and kindness from a young age. She believed wholeheartedly that Jesus was the one true God who had created the world. 

Julie Green Ministries Early Life

This unwavering belief shaped her life and actions, guiding her to always strive to embody the teachings and values of Jesus in all aspects of her life. 

Her faith was a cornerstone of her existence, influencing how she interacted with others and approached challenges with love and compassion.


Her academic journey started at a Texan school, paving the way for her to pursue a business degree at the prestigious University of Texas. She held firm to her religious beliefs, seeing them as a source of comfort and inner strength.

She found a delicate balance between her education and spirituality, allowing them to harmonize and complement each other in her life.

Her experience shaped her worldview in preparation for the challenges that lay ahead in the competitive realm of business. Armed with a solid foundation of principles and beliefs, she approached each obstacle with resilience and determination.

This blend of academic achievement and faith-based values set Julie apart as a well-rounded individual ready to navigate complex situations with grace and unwavering resolve.

She was brought up in a deeply religious family, where her father was a pastor at Faith Family Fellowship Church. 

Her upbringing was steeped in teachings that highlighted the divinity of Jesus. Her mother, a former teacher, also played a significant role in shaping her beliefs and values.

While at university, She met Trent Green, with whom she shared similar values and beliefs. They got married shortly after graduating in 1994. 

They have three children – two boys and a daughter named T.J., who further strengthened their family bond.

Julie Green Ministries Family

Julie and Trent lead their own ministry called Julie Green Ministries, where they spread their message of faith and positivity to others. 

Their shared journey has been marked by love, faith, and the blessings of raising their three children together.

At the age of 20, She began her professional journey by sharing prophetic messages through her YouTube channel. Her audience quickly expanded as people connected with her beliefs and teachings.

In 2019, one of Julie’s videos went viral, leading to a surge in popularity that catapulted her into the public eye. This sudden rise to fame solidified her position as a prominent figure in spirituality and prophecy.

With a strong online presence and growing community, she remains dedicated to empowering others on their spiritual journeys.

Her remarkable success serves as a testament to her unwavering dedication and commitment to making a positive impact on others. 

As she navigates through challenges and triumphs, She remains steadfast in her mission to uplift and enlighten those who seek her wisdom.

Through these platforms,She seeks to inspire and enlighten her audience with her unique insights and perspectives on spirituality. Her messages are known for their depth and power, resonating with a wide range of individuals seeking guidance and enlightenment. 

Her content often sparks thought-provoking discussions among her followers. By consistently delivering potent and insightful messages, Julie has established herself as a leading figure in the realm of prophetic ministry.

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As a prominent figure in the spiritual community, she has cultivated an impressive following of over 250k subscribers on her YouTube channel. 

Known for delivering powerful and prophetic messages, her words resonate deeply with her dedicated audience. 

Through her insightful and inspiring content, she continues to uplift and guide others on their spiritual journeys, earning admiration and respect from all who have the privilege of listening to her wisdom.

Youtube Earnings

She generates a substantial monthly income through her successful YouTube channel. Through her insightful content and uplifting messages, she continues to inspire and uplift individuals seeking spiritual enlightenment.

She has built a successful Christian organization that receives significant financial support daily. This has enabled the ministry to amass an impressive Julie Green Ministries net worth of $10 million as of 2024. 

The substantial funding coming in regularly is a testament to Julie’s effective leadership and strategic planning. Several sources of income within the organization contribute to its financial success, reflecting her strong business acumen. 

She has ensured the sustainability and growth of the organization. Her ability to leverage opportunities for funding has been instrumental in achieving financial stability.

Julie, with a net worth of $10 million in 2024, has undoubtedly carved a significant mark in her industry. Her success stands as a testament to hard work and dedication. 

And  a renowned actress Luenell net worth of $250 thousand, demonstrates that success comes in various forms and magnitudes.

Her remarkable journey of faith and spiritual enlightenment serves as an inspiration to many. Her unwavering devotion to Jesus and message of love have resonated with people across the globe, offering comfort and guidance in turbulent times. 

Let us continue to reflect on the profound impact of her teachings, Julie Green Ministries net worth and strive to embody her spirit of compassion and faith in our own lives. Embrace her legacy as a beacon of hope and let it guide us towards a path of spiritual growth and enlightenment.

What is Julie Green’s Background in Spirituality?

She has a deep-rooted faith and spiritual clarity that serves as a guiding light for many seeking solace and guidance.

How Does Julie Green Spread her Message of Love and Devotion to Jesus?

Through various mediums such as speaking engagements, books, online platforms, and social media, she reaches out to touch the hearts of countless individuals worldwide.

Is Julie Green Affiliated with any Specific Religious Denomination?

While her teachings are centered around her devotion to Jesus, she embraces a universal message of love and acceptance that transcends denominational boundaries.